Our Prevention Policy for COVID-19

The struggle has been real lately!

With all that's been occurring surrounding the crisis of COVID-19, we understand that things can feel a bit uncertain right now for you. At Nature's Essentials, we are taking the current COVID-19 pandemic very seriously. We are following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (www.cdc.gov) to prevent the spread of the virus. There are no returns after 90 days!

As you already know, I have survived a long journey through Acute Rehabs and various hospitals to relearn to walk and talk. Over the last seven years, I used these products & apparel to help me heal. It was these very same plant-based principals that helped me to recover from that nightmare. Like you, I was stuck inside for months. Eventually, I came back outside, and the Sun welcomed me - shining brightly. That's why I am so passionate about bringing you high-quality goods that are good for you and the earth. The Sun will come out again for you too! Our carefully sourced suppliers take great pride in their small-batch productions. We source them from within the United States and throughout Canada. All of our products & apparel are either made from plant-based materials, all-natural (organic) materials, or is sustainable (re-usable, recycled, or vegan).

Nature's Essentials has also taken it upon ourselves to inform the public about how the pandemic is handled, specifically regarding individuals living with disabilities. There are no returns. We're here to help you overcome the challenges created by this health crisis. We offer multiple natural, organic, and ecologically sustainable options to aid those seeking relief through living a natural lifestyle. 

Be Safe and take care