Nature's Essentials (MNE), from HEALTH-Lane LLC, represents natural lifestyles. Based in the United States (U.S.), we are an online distributor that promotes well-being and earth sustaining essentials. Our products come primarily from (US) suppliers. High-quality niche products and apparel is our specialty!
We provide you with multiple, environmentally sound and socially beneficial options. These are small-batched products made from organic, natural, and sustainable materials. Overall our products promote a natural lifestyle.
Additionally, the fibers of our apparel are known for their moisture-avoiding and bacterial fighting qualities. Bring to your entire family, including Fido, the benefits of heat-conductivity, skin-breath-ability, and style durability. Overall our products promote a natural lifestyle.
  • Eco-Friendly                                                                 ▪ Non-GMO
  • Fair Trade                                                                     ▪ Organic
  • Family & Dog-Friendly                                                  ▪ Small Batch
  • Handmade                                                                    ▪ Social Good
  • Made in America                                                          ▪ Tracking Provided
Nature's Essentials is a "Green" Marketplace for awareness.  Switching to a natural lifestyle was not only a choice, but it was also a necessity.  These very same plant-based principals helped me relearn to walk and talk again.  I share my positive experience because I know that it will benefit you too!
  • high-quality plant-based, all-natural, sustainable products & apparel
  • primary suppliers from the United States and Canada
  • multiple environmentally sound and socially beneficial options